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Monday, December 22, 2008

AHS Success Stories

Doug Osborn with Geography Photography:
Starting this month, we'd like to introduce you to those among us that are entrepreneurs. First up is Doug Osborn, AHS Class of 1988.

Doug has owned Geography Photography for the past four years and is currently based out of Austin, Texas. Paula Vitchkoski-Jones recently had an opportunity to chat with Doug about his company and his love for photography.

Doug got started with his photography business when friends and family suggested that he try and sell some of his work. When asked about his favorite aspect of photography, Doug noted that, "I love that I can take a photograph of the same place, but get such a different outcome from someone else. Photographs can tell great and interesting stories."

While he does not do his own developing, he does offer his prints for sale. You can view them at http://www.geographyphotography.com

To order prints simply, "send me signed blank checks...I'll do the rest. Or they can contact me through doug{at}geographyphotography{dot}com."

Here's what else he has to say about his works of art:
Paula: Are your photographs limited to geography?
Doug: Mostly of my travels - people, architecture, landscapes

Paula: What is your photographic inspiration?
Doug: Capturing the beauty that God has placed all around us.

Paula: What is the most interesting photgraph you have taken?
Doug: A photo called "Faith". It was a photo of my niece, Faith, taken her first day in the hospital. Her Great Grandmother was stroking her finger along Faith's nose. It was great to see the "family" and "generations" within just that simple image.

*Note: You can view "Faith" by clicking here

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