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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Italian Language Tools and Fun

Here are a few sites we thought you might find of interest.

The first is LiveMocha - a free site that offers language courses. Brush up on your Italian or tackle any of the other languages offered. From what I understand, classes are similar in style to Rosetta Stone.

Word for the Day:
Next, enjoy a new Italian word each day. Follow them on Twitter or sign up to receive it by email. (Other receipt options are available)

Language Blog:
The word for the day site also offers a partner blog that features interesting tidbits and stories about Italy and the Italian language.

Italy from the Inside:
Paolo Tosolini (who originally hails from the Friuli region) maintains a blog entitled Italy from the Inside. He features basic tips for visitors to Italy, snapshots of daily Italian life, and links/reviews to lots of other Italian interest websites and blogs. In addition to the written blog, video and audio podcasts are available.

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